Sins & Belief / Only An Hour - Single

by Base 211

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released September 9, 2018


all rights reserved



Base 211 Hot Springs, Arkansas

Google "Base 211" and some very interesting results pop up. These results form the philosophical and conspiracy theory basis for Base 211, which is the music project of Sean C. Cook. Base 211 embraces many musical subcultures, such as EBM, Industrial, Darkwave, Post-punk, and gothic genres of underground music.

Why draw out describing the background of Base 211, when the proof is in the pudding?
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Track Name: Sins & Belief
I believe the world is not flat
I believe that's not that
We carry on like nothing is wrong
Have we plucked out our own eyes?

How can you tell me what's true?
You made a hole we'll all fall through
In the night we're all blind
Somehow you manage to see
It's a sin to believe

These are the sins that they say:
That it's a sin to be gay
That it's a sin to be hopelessly insane
That it's a sin to get laid
That it's a sin to be saved
By a God other than the one they say.
Track Name: Only An Hour
Driving in my car
I'm thinking about you
You'll be asleep for another hour or two
I tell myself to chill
As I turn the wheel again
Don't know what I would do without you

It was only an hour
It was only an hour
It was only an hour

Do you think that we could dance
On the sky of glass?
Finally we're all alone together
The moon's a candle in the sky
The lake is low, but it's alright
And you look beautiful as ever...beautiful as ever.

Can we dance for an hour?
It's only an hour
Can we dance for an hour?

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